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Building a minimum viable PhantomJS 2 Docker image

How did I build and release the smallest PhantomJS image you'll see on the Docker Hub

Quick update about some Vagrant plugins

Please check this out if you use one of the plugin I created on the past

Trigger notify-send across the network using HTTP

Useful for forwarding notifications from local VMs / Containers to your own computer

Devstep updates

Check out the latest Devstep goodies

Running GUI apps with Docker

I've been doing all of my real (paid) work on VMs / containers for a while now but when it comes to writing Java code...

Devstep: Development environments powered by Docker and Buildpacks

'devstep hack' and BOOM!

Get notified of long running CLI tasks completion with 'lmk'

My very first Golang project

So I released a lot of Vagrant plugins... Now what's next?

Check this out in case you are using one of the plugins I've built

Meet Viewdocs

Put those long and boring READMEs on a diet with this awesome new project

Set the default Vagrant provider from your Vagrantfile

Just in case you need to do that

Getting to know BTRFS

Or why lxc-clone will probably be the next "big thing" on vagrant-lxc

Ventriloquist demo

From zero to Discourse in a few lines of code

Sharing Chef Cookbooks

My journey on setting things up to push chef-dokku to Opscode Community

Brought to you by jekyll

Some information on migrating from middleman to jekyll

Announcing Ventriloquist

Development environments made easy

vagrant-lxc 0.5.0 and beyond

Find out more about the new version of the plugin and the upcoming work I have planned for it

Vundler is now Bindler!

Quick update about Vundler (Vagrant plugin)

Crafting your own vagrant-lxc base box

How to build your own vagrant-lxc base boxes

Vundler: Dead easy plugin management for Vagrant

Avoid Vagrant plugins Dependency Hell with Vundler

Improving vagrant-lxc boxes

Updates about V3 vagrant-lxc base boxes

Stop wasting bandwidth with vagrant-cachier

Reduce Vagrant provisioning time with a local cache

LXC provider for Vagrant

Run your Vagrant boxes as Linux Containers

Announcing letter_opener_web 1.0

An inbox for Ruby on Rails ActionMailer on your browser

100% on Vagrant

Some tips on getting the most out of Vagrant

How do you find out about new gems?

How do you keep up to the with the RubyGems "ecossystem"?

Hello world!

Every blog needs to have one right?