December 8, 2017

Adventures in Serverless Land to Support a Fight Against Corruption

As most people in tech know, “serverless” is the new buzzword “hotness” and lots of blog posts/books/utilities/tweets/etc. are being written about it every day. This post outlines my initial experience with serverless computing, the issues I had along the way, and some considerations in case you, like me, are thinking about giving it a try for the first time. Background Not many people outside of Brazil might’ve heard about the Serenata de Amor project, but it’s making a lot of noise on this side of the globe. Read more

July 22, 2015

Building a minimum viable PhantomJS 2 Docker image

As part of something I’ve been hacking on the side, I have a need to run a bunch of PhantomJS 2.0 containers on a Docker host. While I could’ve just built an image that includes its binary and consider it done, there is currently a need to build the phantomjs binary from sources for Linux machines. Not only that is a PITA but it also requires us to do some “juggling” to clean up build-time dependencies and it still produces a somewhat large Docker image as a result (something in the ~400mb). Read more

July 21, 2015

Quick update about some Vagrant plugins

If you’ve been following this blog (which hasn’t been updated in a loooong time), chances are that you are likely to be a user of one of the Vagrant plugins I’ve released on the past. What you might not know is that I haven’t been using Vagrant so frequently over the last year or so and haven’t had much time to work on them to put up to the plans I originally had in mind. Read more

October 12, 2014

Trigger notify-send across the network using HTTP

Last week I cut the first release of notify-send-http, a tool for triggering notify-send across the network using HTTP. Useful for forwarding notifications from local VMs / Containers to your own computer. It even supports notification icons! Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 only Why? Because I do all of my dev work on virtualized environments and I use guard quite a lot to keep my Ruby tests running when files get changed. Read more

September 25, 2014

Devstep updates

The third release of the Devstep Docker image came out last night along with a brand new Golang CLI featuring some very nice improvements and new functionality. The CHANGELOG is here and on this post I’ll cover some exciting new stuff I was able to get in place. Docker image updates Starting with the base image updates, the 0.2.0 release dropped from 1.168GB down to 867.7MB MB representing a ~25% reduction on disk usage. Read more

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