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How do you find out about new gems?

I’ve recently released a few gems and without any “advertisement” I found out that a lot of people were actually using them. As of this writing, one has 560+ downloads and the other 3 have 160+ downloads. I know it is not a big number compared to Rails’ 20+ million but is still a significant amount of downloads given that I have not twitted or wrote a blog post about them (although I plan to ;)

This made me think about how others are keeping up to date with the RubyGems “ecossystem”. I know that rubygems.org has a twitter account but given it’s huge number of updates, seems kinda hard to use it as single a source of “new goodies”.

In my case, I keep looking into my Github news feed to find out what other users are starring / forking. A fresh cup is another great source of information and my coworkers at Codeminer42 also do a great job on our internal mailing lists keeping everyone updated with exciting new gems out there.

What about you? How do you find out about new gems?


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