October 12, 2014

Trigger notify-send across the network using HTTP

Last week I cut the first release of notify-send-http, a tool for triggering notify-send across the network using HTTP. Useful for forwarding notifications from local VMs / Containers to your own computer. It even supports notification icons!


Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 only


Because I do all of my dev work on virtualized environments and I use guard quite a lot to keep my Ruby tests running when files get changed. The problem is that its builtin notification support will trigger a notify-send inside the virtual environment instead of my machine.

With notify-send-http I can run an HTTP server on my machine and make use of a custom notify-send executable on my virtual environments that has the same interface as the original command and will send notifications to the HTTP server so that I can see alerts poping up on my screen whenever the build fails.

Check out the project’s README for installation and usage with Devstep, Docker and Vagrant.

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