July 23, 2013

Vundler is now Bindler!

Quick update about Vundler: lots of people got confused about the plugin name because of Vim’s Vundle so we decided to rename it to Bindler. The name was originally proposed by Patrick Connolly and after seeing the pictures he pointed out (just forget about the first row ;) I thought that it’d fit nicely with a vagrant :)

Please note that you’ll need to uninstall and revert Vundler’s installation before upgrading to Bindler. Vundler wasn’t even 0.1.0 and is still highly experimental so I decided not to worry about keeping it backwards compatible.

So who’s up for creating our logo? ;)

UPDATE (26 AUG 2014): Since Vagrant 1.5 came out with a tight integration with Bundler, Bindler is no longer being maintained as it would basically require a rewrite of the plugin. The functionality provided by the plugin is not yet provided by Vagrant itself but it is likely to be on some future release.

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