July 21, 2015

Quick update about some Vagrant plugins

If you’ve been following this blog (which hasn’t been updated in a loooong time), chances are that you are likely to be a user of one of the Vagrant plugins I’ve released on the past. What you might not know is that I haven’t been using Vagrant so frequently over the last year or so and haven’t had much time to work on them to put up to the plans I originally had in mind.

Besides the fact that most of the plugins I released got deprecated since my last Vagrant post (search for “deprecated” here), these days, 90% of my daily development environment needs are well handled by Devstep and I haven’t vagrant uped in a while. As a consequence, the plugins I used on a daily basis have basically stalled. Some folks showed interest on helping out and my hope is that things will start moving again soon.

As with almost everything in life, this is not written on stone and might change in the future so if you use one of those plugins and are interested in helping out please shoot me an email or drop a message on one of the following issues:

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