September 11, 2014

Running GUI apps with Docker

I’ve been doing all of my real (paid) work on VMs / containers for a while now but when it comes to writing Java code for some projects for university I still need to move away from using vim and install some full blown IDE in order to be productive. This has been bothering me for quite some time but this week I was finally able put the pieces together to run NetBeans in a Docker container so that I can avoid installing a lot of Java stuff on my machine that I don’t use on a daily basis. Read more

August 26, 2014

Devstep: Development environments powered by Docker and Buildpacks

Devstep is a relatively new project that I I’ve been working on since February 2014 and had its second release last friday. On its current state, Devstep is a dead simple, no frills development environment builder powered by Docker and the buildpack abstraction that is based around a simple (yet ambitious) goal: I want to git clone and run a single command to hack on any software project. Intrigued? Check out the demo below of my “canonical Discourse example” and read on for more. Read more

August 9, 2014

Get notified of long running CLI tasks completion with 'lmk'

lmk is a simple command line tool written in Go that I released last February. I wrote it to draw my attention to a terminal when some long command finishes running. WTF?!? Yeah, it may sound silly but how often do you run a command that you know that takes a lot of time to complete, you go do something else and forget that the command was running? Even worse, what about when you get side tracked for a bit longer than you should and when you Alt+Tab to check if the command has finished it actually errored along the way? Read more

December 12, 2013

So I released a lot of Vagrant plugins... Now what's next?

2013 was the year I went 100% on Vagrant, went crazy releasing plugins (10 to be more specific) and ended becoming a Vagrant core commiter back in June. To give you an idea, this is what I’ve released over the year: vagrant-notify - Released at the end of 2012, but “matured” by beginning of 2013 vagrant-boxen (deprecated) - February 17th vagrant-lxc - March 12th vagrant-cachier - May 22nd vagrant-pristine (deprecated) - July 11th bindler - (deprecated) Public release on July 15th as Vundler and later renamed to Bindler vagrant-global-status (deprecated) - August 8th vocker (deprecated) - August 14th ventriloquist (deprecated) - September 10th docker-provider (deprecated) - November 5th Before you think I’m going nuts, I have a reason behind releasing each plugin and I might blog about that someday but for the scope of this post I’ll focus on what you should expect for each one of them over 2014. Read more

November 12, 2013

Meet Viewdocs

Last week @progrium striked again with one more great example of how we should strive for keeping things simple. Five months after releasing Dokku which is a Docker powered mini-Heroku written in around 100 lines of Bash, he has just open sourced viewdocs: As with Dokku, the project is pretty small and (as of this writing) converts ~200 lines of Golang code into a powerful tool for small to medium sized open source projects hosted on GitHub. Read more

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