August 7, 2013

vagrant-lxc 0.5.0 and beyond

Last week I was able to release vagrant-lxc 0.5.0 and on this post you’ll get to know about some cool new stuff and the upcoming work I have in mind to reach what I believe would be a nice 1.0.0 milestone. 0.5.0 goodies This release it mostly related to the “user experience” of using the plugin. Apart from some highlights you’ll get to know below, there are a few small things that makes people’s lives a bit easier: Read more

July 23, 2013

Vundler is now Bindler!

Quick update about Vundler: lots of people got confused about the plugin name because of Vim’s Vundle so we decided to rename it to Bindler. The name was originally proposed by Patrick Connolly and after seeing the pictures he pointed out (just forget about the first row ;) I thought that it’d fit nicely with a vagrant :) Please note that you’ll need to uninstall and revert Vundler’s installation before upgrading to Bindler. Read more

July 18, 2013

Crafting your own vagrant-lxc base box

As I said before, “next generation” vagrant-lxc boxes should simplify the process of “promoting” existing containers to base boxes. To back that up I’ve wrote a detailed step-by-step for creating an Ubuntu Precise and Debian Squeeze base boxes from an Ubuntu Host and I’m pretty sure it is possible to reuse the ideas from this post to build base boxes for / from other distros that suits everyone’s needs. I’ve followed the steps on an Ubuntu 12. Read more

July 15, 2013

Vundler: Dead easy plugin management for Vagrant

UPDATE (23 JUL 2013): Vundler has been renamed to Bindler! Vagrant’s plugin “ecossystem” just keep growing and recently there has been a lot of interest on having an easy way for managing project’s specific plugin dependencies to avoid Dependency Hell and / or to reduce the amount of steps someone has to take when joining an ongoing project. There are at least 4 issues on Vagrant’s issue tracker (#1874, #1789, #1700 and #1574) and one initiative by @tknerr to solve the problem. Read more

June 10, 2013

Improving vagrant-lxc boxes

So I’ve played with Docker once again and have been looking around its codebase to find out how things work over there. Even though I’ve never wrote a single line of Go, it gave me some interesting insights about LXC itself and about packing up containers which influenced heavily the “next generation” vagrant-lxc base boxes and the upcoming work I have in mind for the provider. Starting with V3 boxes, vagrant-lxc will introduce a better approach for building base boxes and will also simplify the process of “promoting” existing containers to base vagrant boxes. Read more

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